Wednesday, December 9, 2009

long time no poker

so it's been a while since I played any poker at all.
And last night I only got on due to the fact that WoW was done for patch night

I only played one game, a turbo double or nothing (first time I've played in 1)
ended up being one of the 5 to double up, so good result :)
hopefully I will get on some more and start playing again

good luck out there

Monday, September 21, 2009

Small Session

Had a small session on Friday, just 3 games, however managed to cash in 2
I won another STT for $4.50 but my better result was finishing 4/90 in a $0.25 entry game
for a cash of $2.14
It could of been better, however I had to sit out the final table as I was working from home and actually had to do some work.

Oh well, next time :)

Till then, good luck on the felt

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still going

managed to play around 4 games yesterday, only 2 had any money involved a .25 45player and a $1.2 STT
Managed to get a 2nd in the STT for another $2.70 so July is still a winning month for me
Makes a change, however am annoyed I didn't take 1st, had a massive chip lead heads up and then somehow lost it, I think my money was in good. Need to review the log and see if I made any huge errors

Good luck on the felt out there

Thursday, July 9, 2009


finally played some more last night, been having a horrible run of it recently and not enjoying myself.

But after installing WotLK and needing to download the patches again, I decided to play while I was waiting.
Thankfully I stayed concentrating on the game and ended up winning a STT for $4.50 woo :)

hopefully this will continue next time I decide to grace the tables

good luck everyone

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


finally had a good night last night

only played in 2 games for cash, and didn't do well in either of those.

However I played in a freeroll for the ANZPT which had 2713 runners with 20 getting through to the next round on Sunday night.

Ran really well in stages, caught a couple of full houses on the turn, and people betting into me.
Flopped the Nut Flush and someone pushed all in against me, didn't even have the flush themselves.
Eventually I got to this stage

Didn't last of course, but I stayed at the top for most of the rest of the game, and ended up as one of the 20 that made it through so very happy with that.

Made for a very late night though, 1:20am before I got to bed, so almost 4 hours.

Hopefully things go well on Sunday

Good luck on the felt everyone

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

not so good

been playing some more recently, however not running good at all.
Last week I managed about 8 games, for a grand total of 30cents winnings. meant I only lost $8 or so.

hopefully play a little more soon, hoping for more Working from home days when we don't have people around doing renovations

good luck out there

Monday, May 4, 2009


haven't played much since I won that game, played a few when I was working from home one day last week and cashed in 2 games out of the 8 I played, bubbled twice.

also played in a freeroll for the AAPT Melbourne, got down to around 300 outta the 3000 that started, but crashed out after that.

Otherwise just been playing some WoW and leveling up a new char.

2 games of football over the weekend, so really sore today, lost 1 won 1 got 2 goals in the win so happy about that. also we are the first team to beat the Army this year so thrilled with that

anyway, good luck out there on the tables

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First ever real money win

WAHOO, today I managed to win my first ever STT
It was a $3 +.4 buyin and netted me $13.50 for the win
Was chip lead for most of the game, had a couple of beats which knocked me back and then this in the final hand

As you can see in the chat, I was a little annoyed :) but it came through YEAH

good luck out there to you all

Monday, April 6, 2009


Working from home again last friday, so had a chance to play a few games
Didn't do anything much, crashed out of two games brutally, 1 of them was the bubble boy.
holding A8o and the flop was AJ8, stuck it all in and was called with K10o, they rivered the Q they needed, and I was out.
Fuming after that so I gave it up for the night

hope that everyone else is doing ok

good luck out there

Monday, March 30, 2009

nothing much happening

Not been playing much at all, just haven't found the time recently

Was down at my parents place in Nelson for the weekend, so had a good time down there. Managed to play in some play money games, as it didn't show me with any cash there (need to talk to Stars about that)
Got a few 2nd places and some bad beats, but as it was all just play money I wasn't to worried about it at all

anywho hopefully be getting on some time this week, so will have a decent thing to post about

good luck out there

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Will working from home yesterday I managed to get in a few games at the tables.
5 games for one 2nd place.

However twice when I was knocked out I had made trips on the flop
Only to be kicked out by a flush.
1st hand was a 4 card flush that he filled on the river, was abso spewing over that
2nd I pushed all in after the flop and snap called for his flopped flush.

Gave up for the day after that.

Hope that everyone else is doing better

Good luck on the felt

Monday, February 23, 2009


did to much over the weekend to really get much time in at the tables, however I did manage to play one 9 player SnG and managed to get 2nd, so my first real cash since depositing.

Was pretty happy with my play, just going through the HH now, one hand where I lost just about 1/3 my stack, should of played that one better. Villain raised the flop and turn after I had bet out and then re-raised all in after my river bet. Should of checked the river and seen what he did, but I can't of been paying enough attention.

Still going through the history so may edit this post later.

I know that the knockout hand I had my money in good with AJo v A3o, was about 1/2 off the villain's stack at that time, he hit a 3 on the flop and gg (he may have made the straight i'll clarify once I finish the HH)

Good luck to everyone

Friday, February 20, 2009


No poker at all recently, been dragged into the WOW world and been spending all my time on there when possible.

good luck to everyone still at the tables :)

Monday, February 9, 2009


finally got round to depositing some money into my stars account, so I now have a roll of $45 available to me.

Played in 4 games last night
1) 9player s'n'g $1 buyin
2) 360 turbo $0.10
3) 90 turbo $0.25
4) 90 turbo $0.25

Ended up cashing in game 2 finishing 14th for a whole $0.40
Bubbled in game 1 after losing abut 1/2 my stack early, managed to play solid and hold on until 4 left - the other 3 had stacks of around $4k to my $1k so I pushed with KJo I think and got called and lost it on the flop.

3rd game just annoyed me, 1st hand dealt 10 10, called an all in against A8s
Flop contains an A, River an 8 and I'm out.

4th game lasted for quite a while, was in the top 10 for long stretches until I lost 1/2 my stack calling an all in. I need to check the hand history when I get home tonight, but he was drawing to a gutshot vs my top 2 pair. Needless to say he hit, not sure if the all in was on the turn or river.
Ended up finishing in 20th when 12 paid.

So overall for the night -$1.30, can only get better

Good luck out there on the felt

Friday, January 23, 2009

Same ol

played a few games last night
mostly just having fun while watching a mate getting back into things and trying to help him out as much as I could.

Managed to "cash" in a play money game 4/45 for 7200 chips
everytime I tried to bust someone my cards didn't hold, but still made it that far.

Registered for the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour freeroll and got blinded out while watching telly with my wife.
Finished 615/2490 compared with the night before when I was playing and ended up 540/2600 so not much better really

Prob won't be on over the weekend as my folks are up visting, wanting to see there grandson again, so will try and get on when I can but doubt it will be much

good luck at the felt

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not much happening

been to busy with other things recently so not much time at the tables.
Played a little on Sunday in the Aussie Millions freeroll round 2, went out just before the 1st break. Don't remember what happened.

Was off sick yesterday so played in a 360 person 2000playchip game. Was running nice, in the top 10 for most of the tourney.
Ended up "cashing" in 27th, had been going really well went all in ahead and got rivered by a flush to my top 2 pair. Oh well, life goes on

good luck to all