Friday, January 23, 2009

Same ol

played a few games last night
mostly just having fun while watching a mate getting back into things and trying to help him out as much as I could.

Managed to "cash" in a play money game 4/45 for 7200 chips
everytime I tried to bust someone my cards didn't hold, but still made it that far.

Registered for the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour freeroll and got blinded out while watching telly with my wife.
Finished 615/2490 compared with the night before when I was playing and ended up 540/2600 so not much better really

Prob won't be on over the weekend as my folks are up visting, wanting to see there grandson again, so will try and get on when I can but doubt it will be much

good luck at the felt

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not much happening

been to busy with other things recently so not much time at the tables.
Played a little on Sunday in the Aussie Millions freeroll round 2, went out just before the 1st break. Don't remember what happened.

Was off sick yesterday so played in a 360 person 2000playchip game. Was running nice, in the top 10 for most of the tourney.
Ended up "cashing" in 27th, had been going really well went all in ahead and got rivered by a flush to my top 2 pair. Oh well, life goes on

good luck to all