Monday, February 23, 2009


did to much over the weekend to really get much time in at the tables, however I did manage to play one 9 player SnG and managed to get 2nd, so my first real cash since depositing.

Was pretty happy with my play, just going through the HH now, one hand where I lost just about 1/3 my stack, should of played that one better. Villain raised the flop and turn after I had bet out and then re-raised all in after my river bet. Should of checked the river and seen what he did, but I can't of been paying enough attention.

Still going through the history so may edit this post later.

I know that the knockout hand I had my money in good with AJo v A3o, was about 1/2 off the villain's stack at that time, he hit a 3 on the flop and gg (he may have made the straight i'll clarify once I finish the HH)

Good luck to everyone

Friday, February 20, 2009


No poker at all recently, been dragged into the WOW world and been spending all my time on there when possible.

good luck to everyone still at the tables :)

Monday, February 9, 2009


finally got round to depositing some money into my stars account, so I now have a roll of $45 available to me.

Played in 4 games last night
1) 9player s'n'g $1 buyin
2) 360 turbo $0.10
3) 90 turbo $0.25
4) 90 turbo $0.25

Ended up cashing in game 2 finishing 14th for a whole $0.40
Bubbled in game 1 after losing abut 1/2 my stack early, managed to play solid and hold on until 4 left - the other 3 had stacks of around $4k to my $1k so I pushed with KJo I think and got called and lost it on the flop.

3rd game just annoyed me, 1st hand dealt 10 10, called an all in against A8s
Flop contains an A, River an 8 and I'm out.

4th game lasted for quite a while, was in the top 10 for long stretches until I lost 1/2 my stack calling an all in. I need to check the hand history when I get home tonight, but he was drawing to a gutshot vs my top 2 pair. Needless to say he hit, not sure if the all in was on the turn or river.
Ended up finishing in 20th when 12 paid.

So overall for the night -$1.30, can only get better

Good luck out there on the felt