Wednesday, June 17, 2009


finally had a good night last night

only played in 2 games for cash, and didn't do well in either of those.

However I played in a freeroll for the ANZPT which had 2713 runners with 20 getting through to the next round on Sunday night.

Ran really well in stages, caught a couple of full houses on the turn, and people betting into me.
Flopped the Nut Flush and someone pushed all in against me, didn't even have the flush themselves.
Eventually I got to this stage

Didn't last of course, but I stayed at the top for most of the rest of the game, and ended up as one of the 20 that made it through so very happy with that.

Made for a very late night though, 1:20am before I got to bed, so almost 4 hours.

Hopefully things go well on Sunday

Good luck on the felt everyone

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

not so good

been playing some more recently, however not running good at all.
Last week I managed about 8 games, for a grand total of 30cents winnings. meant I only lost $8 or so.

hopefully play a little more soon, hoping for more Working from home days when we don't have people around doing renovations

good luck out there