Monday, March 30, 2009

nothing much happening

Not been playing much at all, just haven't found the time recently

Was down at my parents place in Nelson for the weekend, so had a good time down there. Managed to play in some play money games, as it didn't show me with any cash there (need to talk to Stars about that)
Got a few 2nd places and some bad beats, but as it was all just play money I wasn't to worried about it at all

anywho hopefully be getting on some time this week, so will have a decent thing to post about

good luck out there

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Will working from home yesterday I managed to get in a few games at the tables.
5 games for one 2nd place.

However twice when I was knocked out I had made trips on the flop
Only to be kicked out by a flush.
1st hand was a 4 card flush that he filled on the river, was abso spewing over that
2nd I pushed all in after the flop and snap called for his flopped flush.

Gave up for the day after that.

Hope that everyone else is doing better

Good luck on the felt