Thursday, November 27, 2008

Game time

Managed to play for about 40 mins last night, with no disconnections, so looks like changing the modem has fixed my issue I was having, which makes it better for the upcoming freerolls tonight and tomorrow night.
Didn't have any luck at the tables though just 4 sng's (play money) and though I got chip lead in one of them I kept getting rivered. Oh well

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, since the last post, not much has happened.

Laptop has died - think a fan may have gone on it as it seems really hot and won't even boot now, so I'm afraid that something got fried. Will open it up this weekend hopefully.
Renovations are almost finished in the new place now, hopefully by this time next week the new kitchen will be up and running and no more tradespeople around all day.

To poker, only played twice I think and nothing happened on either night.
Just seen on the pokerstars blog though that there is a direct freeroll to the APPT Sydney event for Oz and NZ players on Friday night, so will be playing in that to be sure, hopefully also get on to try some of the other freerolls as well.

Anyway thats all from my, gl on the tables all

Friday, November 14, 2008


got a laptop working so I can play in the lounge and talk with people while playing.

Nothing much happening recently, played the last couple of nights and managed to win a 45mtt playmoney :) but otherwise nothing special.

Hopefully playing in the Sydney APPT tonight and can get through to the next round - only prob is it doesn't start till 10:30pm local time - still tomorrow is Saturday and my day for a sleep in